How to vote

Be prepared for the upcoming Special Election for Minneapolis City Council Ward 6 on TUESDAY AUGUST 11th from 7am-8pm!

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  • Must be done by July 21, 2020 (21 days before election day). If this deadline has already passed, not to worry! You can still register in-person on election day OR at an early vote location.


  • Click HERE to apply!
  • Make sure to select “08/11/2020 PRIMARY” in the Election field!
  • Already mailed in your ballot and want to check the status? Click HERE 


  • If voting by mail does not work for you, or you prefer to vote in person, you can vote early beginning June 26!
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Learn About Ranked Choice Voting


  • Voter assistance and resources can be found here
    • Review your voting rights!
    • Request transportation assistance
    • Get voting materials in additional languages


  • What is Rank Choice Voting?
    • Click here to learn more about the process!

Why the city council election matters

See what the city council does, their current vision, and who is on the council by clicking HERE