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Who is Alex Palacios? An immigrant, survivor and leader

Alex has lived and served in Minneapolis since 2016, providing HIV testing and education at The Aliveness Project since 2018 after a year of service on Aliveness’s Board of Directors.  They are also a member of the Minnesota Council for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention and until recently served as Membership Director for Stonewall DFL, the LGBTQ+ community caucus of the Minnesota DFL Party.


Born in Honduras and raised in The Bronx, Alex’s formative years were filled with challenges: readjusting to a complete cultural shift, enduring harassment at school, and grappling with low self-worth as they explored themselves and their place in the world. Later in life, they faced homelessness and addiction, creating a feeling of profound separation from self and community. Through all their obstacles, and after much work in self improvement and the grace of faith and community, Alex has been granted the privilege to overcome and emerge as a leader.



Our communities are changing rapidly, and we are being asked to rise to meet complex challenges that require intersectional approaches. Public health, community safety, nonprofit and business support, educational aids and technological infrastructure, accessible housing and biopsychosocial support are all intertwined. Alex will prioritize creative, pragmatic solutions that will help move us forward in a holistic, inclusive and respectful way:


  • Exploring and implementing alternatives to a policing model of public safety
  • Making our technological infrastructure accessible through support, training, and free, safe Wi-Fi
  • Investing heavily in transforming neighborhood associations into cultural and wellness hubs by supporting the Neighborhoods 2020 Initiative
  • Eliminating food deserts and promoting sustainability within our ward and city 
  • Continuing to prioritize housing access for those who are housing-insecure and other affordable housing ventures
  • Supporting recovery of small business and cultural institutions from losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Collaborating with council members and Mayor Frey to create a viable city identification system in an effort to eliminate fear and stigma, and make this city more welcoming to all who seek to live and work here.

Why vote for Alex? They tell us why for themselves:

“The sum of my experiences and my many intersectional identities gives me invaluable and direct insight into the culture of inclusion I hope to foster, with your endorsement and vote. I am confident that my resiliency, creative approach to work and life, and the skills developed through personal and professional experience will prove an asset to my ward, and the city at large. Thank you.”

Check out a recent interview with Alex Palacios on the “Lifestyles in Atlanta Podcast”! Alex discusses:

  • Why the campaign matters
  • What it means to be non-binary and run for City Council
  • Vision for reform in public safety

Minneapolis City Council Ward 6 Candidates Forum

Livestream of a Minneapolis City Council Sixth Ward Candidates Forum hosted by Mshale Newspaper. Moderated by Mshale reporters Cynthia Simba and Mohamud Farah Dulyadeyn.

Posted by Mshale on Thursday, July 16, 2020


Watch the latest Ward 6 Candidates Forum from Mshale!


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Our issues are as multifaceted as each of us. In order to thrive, we must implement multidimensional solutions


We prioritize personal wellness so that we can engage in the work that sustains the wellness of our families and neighbors.



Wellness should not be something that should be earned or that favors one of us over another. It should be optimized, and universal.

Wellness is a social justice issue

There can be no wellness, no sustainable path out of crisis, without equity.


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